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"Mesmerized by deserts since her adolescence the director now embarked on a journey,to look into their geological, historical and metaphysical conditions… “Here the vastness of the landscape, there the macroscopic composition of individual particles: Petra Haffter is always changing the perspective between sensory perception, esoteric effects and geological facts, between the big picture and the tiny detail. And she always highlights the extreme challenges these landscapes are posing to its inhabitants…”  “The series is addictive. After watching this you want more: More Colors of the DESERTS on different continents.”  (Anke Sterneborg, Die Sueddeutsche, Munich, Germany)

BRAVO! "Just a glimpse" is enough to get my heart pounding with exhilaration! The vast vistas seem simple at first. Through that simplicity, however, the complexities expand like the blowing sand itself. Thank you for this series.”  (Sudy Dostal, Writer)

“Saw your beautiful film about the breathtaking Colorado desert today. I was speechless. These amazing pictures, these wonderful American Indians…the Painted Desert…...a feast for the eye. Congratulations.” 

“Petra Haffter and her team explore geography, history, light and shadow to mirror present human existence.  A cycle that not just entertains but also trains the eye… Sand dunes recount ell from the course of the time, canyons from the force of water…” (Peter Claus, Kulturradio Germany)

“Breathtaking. You are a genius! People are often so detached from nature that they forget that nature per se is the meaning of life and  - that, what determines life magical.

Kiss of the Tiger

"...Femme director Petra Haffter handles her material briskly, and the sex and the killings with frankness...this said, Jensen and Ferrara make an exciting team."

„This months most unusual film...could very well become a cult picture on the order of Godard`s „Breathless“
--Bild Berlin / Hamburg

„Highly talented director Petra Haffter has succeeded in creating an astonishing artistic tableau; a subtle riveting psychological thriller set in an atmospheric twilight bordering on reality and fantasy.”
--Abendzeitung, Munich

„A thriller laden with sensuality“ „The predator in man shows is claws.A film of subtle ecstasy.“
--Münchner Merkur

"If Polanski uses Paris as a handsome backdrop in Frantic, first-time director Petra Haffter gives the city more limelight, vividly capturing the sights, smells and sounds of autumn, a Paris, which can influence the moods of a young German Au-Pair, Michèle(...)whose emotional temperature ranges from depressive to euphoric, from passionate to full of hate..."
"Never a dull moment passes as Haffter`s crisp dramatisation and sensitive handling of her actors leads the way step by step through this bizarre love story. As Michèle and Peter play their fatal game of cat and mouse with each other, so Haffter plays the same game-to excellent effect-with her audience..."

--Screen international


"A bit coming of age story (first love), a tad road movie (escape from Fort Apache by the Mediterranean), and part drama (the loss of innocence and life). Petra Haffter, writer and director, serves up a truly cinema-myth-mix of 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'Blackboard Jungle' in her movie of the week about kids who steal cars for kicks and leave only wreckage behind...."
--ZITTY (Berlin)

"....The prominent up-and-coming director of such films as "Babushka," "A Father in Trouble," or "Crazy, My Whole Life is Crazy," now gives us a story that seems like a mixture of 'Bonnie and Clyde' by Authur Penn and "Abgefahren" by Uwe Friessner...."
--Frankfurter Rundschau

“Petra Haffter gives us a peek into the abyss of human passions...a horrifying yet intriguing tale. Haffter succeeded in creating an atmoshere of suspence with the aid of Inga Humpe`s and Thomas Fehlmann`s topnotch music score along with superb casting… Beate Jensen, striking and very contemporary, has what it takes to make it big. Stéphane Ferrara not only displays a boxer`s charm (indeed he was one) but skillfully blends brutality and vulnerability in creating a formidable „tiger“ who ultimately falls into his own deadly trap."
--Volksblatt Berlin

Tracking Agatha

"I have rarely seen a travel documentary that was so penetrating, so sensitive and artistically so perfect…. Stunning pictures!"
--(Jutta Voigt)

Petra Haffter has created the excellent documentary Tracking Agatha, and in so doing has made no secret of her admiration for the famous “Queen of Crime”…A thrilling experience: the film captivates with wonderfully photographed images. Haffter has managed to combine numerous passages from the comprehensive Agatha Christie writings into an exciting collage.
--(Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

The locations are filmed in such a way as to awaken a nostalgic elegance.

"In this way a road and rail movie come together that replaces historical photo and film material from the golden period of Christie and the British Empire with topical views that reveal multiple levels of understanding…The documents and impressions provocatively capture a time free of terror, an Orient friendly to Europe. It presents images that provide an antidote to current, frightening reports from that region."